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Sailing around Australian East Coast  Sydney ó Cairns ó Sydney , July-December 2007

Port Stephens to Forster. Dolphins at the bow!



Spent most of the day in Port Stephens. Gonzie was fixing various things on the boat and I went shopping. I came across a pie shop which had a sign of something like: ďbest pies in Nelson BayĒ and I bought 3: stroganoff, seafood and kangaroo meat. The pies turned out to be quite good.

In the afternoon we set off for Broughton Island and arrived there at 6:30 pm Ė it was dark already and hard to find the mooring.



In the morning Broughton Island looked beautiful, but we have to move north, to the tropics. We will stop here on the way back for longer.

The plan is to go to Forster, and if we are too slow, stop at Sugarloaf Point near Seal Rocks.

Itís a beautiful day and the wind is only 5 knots, so we are motoring. We tried to put up heavy genoa, but it was not enough to fill up the sail and we put it down. We should have tried to put up the drifter but were too lazy to get this ďfat ladyĒ out.

The area around Port Stephens is famous for dolphins and they didnít wait long to appear.

They appeared from the coast and were following our boat for an hour or two, playing with the waves, created by the bow. There were 10 of them or more and they were coming up so close you could reach your hand to them from the bowsprit.

We took like 100 photos and some videos.


Iíve read the story somewhere that during some race around the world a dolphin jumped into a cockpit of one sailboat and, as the race was single Ėhanded, a skipper (apparently he was Russian) had a hard time winching this huge flopping creature up and dropping back to the ocean. For a moment I imagined a dolphin in our cockpit Ö I found this story in Jessie Martinís Lionheart book, it happened near him and he heard it all over the radio.


Gonzie is fishing (trawling) and is singing a song:


 I want to catch a fish

So I donít have to eat spam

Fish would make such a great dish

And spam is not a ham

I want to catch a fish

Because I donít want to eat spam.


Passing Seal Rocks, we logged with CP Forster. On channel 16 heard the other boat logging too. They were a couple of miles more out to the ocean, passing outside of Seal Rocks and they saw a whale. We are obviously jealous.


Having arrived to Forsterís bar at around 5pm we inquired about marina berth on the radio. The marina was on the other side of the river and we needed high tide to get in. So the guy on the radio offered us an alternative berthing on Tuncurry side: 2 oyster-covered poles and a wooden bridge connecting them the mainland. We could have anchored, but we wanted to go ashore and there wasnít any good place to leave the dinghy.


This berth was $20 for the night, but the owner didnít come to collect the money and said we can pay on the way back.

We went to see Harry Potter 5 and dropped by the supermarket for some fresh meat, fruits and vegetables.

Dolphins at the bow!

Why staring at me? Havenít seen a pelican before?

Empede in Forster

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