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Sailing around Australian East Coast  Sydney ó Cairns ó Sydney , July-December 2007

Moreton Island and the healing power of the dolphins



We left Gold Coast and now both of us are sick with flu.

Empede is making her way northbound being steered by an autopilot, Gonzie is sleeping inside and Iím lying on the deck like a sack of potatoes. Iím feeling better, but still very weak.

The water is very calm and almost mirror smooth with only some small ripples. At least this is to our advantage and we donít need to bounce through the waves.

Dolphins appeared and started playing at the bow. They are different from Port Stephens dolphins, a bit bigger and whiter, I thought.

Iím lying next to the port side and looking at them. Gonzie also got out and was taking photos. Seems like the dolphins made us feel better, Iíve heard of their healing powers before but didnít know they can help to get over the flu :).


We anchored near Moreton Island. This anchorage is not mentioned in the book, but turned out to be ok since the weather was calm with no waves.

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