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Sailing around Australian East Coast  Sydney — Cairns — Sydney , July-December 2007




Sailing to Mooloolaba … Gonzie is quite sick and is sleeping inside. I’m staying outside and reading. We were getting some southerly wind today, going almost downwind. As the wind is from South it is quite cold.


Passing Cape Moreton I saw a whale flapping its tail far away. A small fishing boat got closer to him to have a look, but we were going the opposite way; also we hope to see more whales in Hervey Bay, where they stop during their winter migration from Antarctica.


Entered Mooloolah River at dark and docked into the first berth we saw. The marina office was closed by then and we will check in tomorrow



Mooloolaba is a nice town so we decided to stay here for a week and recover from the flu. Also we had to do antifouling eventually and fix the toilet seacock. A nearby suburb Kawana has good and cheaper compared to Sydney boatyard (next to Lawries Marina). There is a waiting list for a space in the boatyard but we were lucky to grab a spot in 7 days.

I’m feeling a bit annoyed with this perspective as I want to get to the islands as soon as possible.


Next day we were feeling better and went for a walk around Mooloolaba. It is a nice holiday place with a long beach and lots of cafes and shops along it. I’ve never heard about it in Sydney, and Noosa which is not far from here, is more famous. There are lots of families with kids I guess they come here for a holiday from Brisbane.


There is a big aquarium here called “Underwater World”. Apparently, according to lonely planet travel book, it is the biggest oceanarium in the southern hemisphere. My favourites are seals of course. They look at you with big innocent eyes and are quite intelligent.

The shark aquarium is also quite impressive: it is in the form of an arch and you can see grey nurses and stingrays swimming over your head.


The next few days the weather turned bad and it was raining all the time non-stop. We were sitting inside the boat watching DVDs and reading. I was feeling bored.


I went to the local hairdresser to cut my hair and do eyebrows. The girl who did my hair was quite good and made me look like one of the actresses in the Russian movie I watched.



The sun finally came out and we drove the boat towards Lawries Marina where shiplift is located. Kawana Waters Canal (that’s what the river that leads to shipyard is called) is very nice, expensive houses at both sides and each has a boat moored next to it. When the boat was lifted we went to Kawana shopping centre for lunch and also bought more DVDs.

When we got back and the boat was already on the slip with the bottom washed from barnacles. Then a worker came to sand it. It was supposed to be painted today, but the rain had started again and the work was put off  for tomorrow.

At night the wind picked up quite a bit and the wind generator went nuts. It was blowing around 50-60 knots and the wind gusts hit the boat with horrifying sound. I hoped the boat would not fall from the slip. Extra support was added to the boats before the wind came and a few other people were staying on their boat as well at this time.


The next few days it was still raining. We are sitting inside all the time: I’m studying for CPA and watching movies in between. In fact, I haven’t watched that many movies in a row before.



Here comes the sun and Gonzalo painted the boat. I was in a bad mood as while trying to help him spilled paint on myself, so instead  I was sitting inside the boat and studying for CPA exam. We were going to put on second coat but it started raining again – how unfortunate!



Finally the weather gave us a break and having finished the second coat yesterday we met Yanmar mechanic to help Gonzie align the engine shaft properly.

The boat is back in the water and it feels good to be off the slip. Gonzie and mechanic did some tests on the shaft alignment going around the river and not paying attention to the receding tide and ran aground near some pylons. The good news it was just sand and it didn’t take long to get off the ground, the bad news the layer of freshly coated pain was surely scraped off from the bottom of the keel.




















Mooloolaba Beach

Kawana Waters Canal

Underwater World

Empede on travel lift

Empede on travel lift (side view)

Gonzalo painting the boat

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