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Sailing around Australian East Coast  Sydney ó Cairns ó Sydney , July-December 2007

Great Sandy Straight and Fraser Island



We left Mooloolaba! Anchored for the night in Wide Bay. It wasnít protected and the boat was rolling from side to side all night so we couldnít get any sleep.



We are making the passage between the coast and western side of Fraser Island. There are shallow places to avoid so Gonzie is steering and Iím standing next to him with the chart and guide book, spotting next green and red markers.

We have been 4WD-ing on Fraser Island in 2003, almost 4 years ago. Eastern side with the beach is very beautiful, but western mangrove side that we havenít seen before is not that exciting. Cloudy weather doesnít make it look any prettier. The good thing is the waves are not getting us here and the water is flat.

Having passed the shallow part we anchored for the night near Big Woody Island.


Hervey Bay to Bundaberg 



Hervey Bay is a unique stop-over on the annual migration of the Humpback Whales. The warm sheltered waters of Hervey Bay offer a safe haven to young whales, pregnant females and mother & calf pods before they begin their long journey to their Antarctic feeding grounds.

Unfortunately we saw no whales. The season is mainly September and October, but today is only 1st of September Ė probably most of the whales are still on their way.

The wind is SE 10-15 knots and we are sailing downwind.

Stayed the night at Bundaberg marina.


Note: Photos on this page are from our trip to Fraser Island in Dec 2003 as we actually didnít go to the island this time.





























4WD driving on Fraser Island

Freshwater lake Wabby

Maheno wreck


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