Blue Water Dreaming
At Sea - Bora Bora to Suwarrow - Leaving French Polynesia behind
We know that from Bora Bora onwards the weather could get tough. We have studied several guides and weather books and our conclusion is that we want expert weather advice. The area between Bora Bora and Tonga is known as the dangerous middle. There are several weather services and we decide to contract Bob McDavitt services for this trip. He makes a plan for us and with his blessing we leave Bora Bora on the 18 of August. We are leaving French Polynesia behind.
Passage - 18 to 23 August 2010
18/08 - (16.29.45N-151.45.59W)
We leave Bora Bora with nice weather, winds are about 15 knots from the East. The penguin net is still going, there is a good window and many boats are underway. Some of our friends have left already a day or two before us. Some are going to Palmerston and others, like us going north to Suwarrow.
19/08 - (15.52.00N-154.01.00W) - 135 miles on day 1
We are sailing nicely with Bob McDavitt's plan, wind continues light around 12 to 15 knots and seas are calm. All is going well on board.
20/08 - (15.13.18N-156.18.10W) - 138 miles on day 2
We continue to have great sailing conditions, winds are now 18 to 20 ENE with 8 ft seas, perfect conditions so far, to top the day Oscar catches a nice Mahi Mahi.
21/08 - (14.32.80N-158.34.70W) - 138 miles on day 3
Winds are a bit lighter now from the East and all is going according to Bob's prediction. It seems that he has picked up the perfect window.
22/08 - (13.54.17N-160.49.14W) - 136 miles on day 4
ESE winds 15 to 17 kn, life continues to be good on board.
23/08 - (13.14.00N-163.04.00W) - 137 miles on day 5
Another 24 hours of perfect conditions and we are 3 miles from destination, the timing is also perfect as we are arriving at 1.00PM, a good time to enter the pass and anchor with good light. We make VHF contact and find that there are about 16 boats already at anchor.

We had a perfect trip and we are going to drop anchor in a magical place, it can not get better than this.
It is Mahi-Mahi for dinner