Blue Water Dreaming
Sailing with Dolphins

Dolphins come to play with Zenitude while we are crossing the lagoon in Ouvea, New Caledonia towards the exit out to sea in the north part of the island. A great start for our trip to Vanuatu.
Playing with sting rays in Moorea

The sting rays come right up to you, attempting to slide up on you in search for food. You need a little bit of smelly fish in your hands.
Dive Fakarava - Tuamotus

We spent a fantastic time in Fakarava in 2010 during our South  Pacific crossing.

We enjoyed amazing snorkelling and some great dives. This was an incredivel drift dive filmed by our good friend Ze from Tutatis.
Fishing lesson in Ouvea

Part of "Le Tour" with Monsieur Antoine in Ovuea is this practical lesson on how to throw the fishing net to catch sardines or any other little fish from the beach.
Turtles panicking

In a remote island in New Caledonia we spotted two turtles enjoying a little swim around us until they looked up and panic, the poor things, but a bit funny. Look at the second turtle, the first one disappeared so quickly, it took us by surprise and it was gone before we could film it. 
Fishing lesson in Ouvea