Blue Water Dreaming
Meet Oscar and Graciela, who, after long and demanding careers that led them to live in various places around the world including Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, New York and Sydney, both decided it was time to live the dream and sail around the world.
As crew of Zenitude. Oscar is the captain, the navigator, the engineer, the cook and the provisions manager. Graciela is the first to last mate, the security officer, the weather woman and the navigator for ports of arrival.

Oscar, the captain, makes the decisions, which are always followed as long as Graciela, the security officer, approves. It usually works. 
After Oscar and Graciela moved to live on board Zenitude they have sailed over 20,000 nautical miles, all  carefully recorded in the logbook by the security officer. In spite of the accumulated sailing hours they consider themselves cruisers, not sailors. After meeting hundreds of cruisers sailing around, Graciela has reached the conclusion that the majority really enjoys the cruising life, but she wonders how many of them enjoy the sailing. Letís face it, how many times is there a perfect day? Usually there is too much wind or too little wind, or the wind direction is wrong, or the seas donít cooperate. How many times you just finished setting up the perfect sails and here comes a squall, or that thing over the horizon that looks like a cargo ship but it's movements are not making sense (usually when the captain is fast asleep), or this other thing that again is not working!

On the other hand, getting there, wherever your destination might be, is fantastic, a wonderful feeling that despite all you made it and now the fun begins. Well, most of the time.

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