Blue Water Dreaming
Buying Zenitude - Finally finding the perfect boat
For over a year weve been analyzing and researching what type of boat to buy. We wanted a boat that would become our home and take us far and away to tropical latitudes.
Initially the idea was to buy a long range trawler, but at the end we decided for  a  sailing catamaran. It took us about another year to find the right catamaran, our search was over the day we found Zenitude. She was in St Martin while we were living in New York.
A trip to St. Martin confirmed we have just found our boat. After some negotiations we bought Zenitude with the help of our good broker from Annapolis and Montaigne, the lovely French broker in St Martin.
But then, our good friend John comes to our rescue as promised. Hes been encouraging us to buy a sailboat, rather than a trawler which we could manage easily. He promised to teach us to sail and he of course, managed to do that. With his help we took Zenitude to New York where we settled for the summer while finishing work commitments. During this time we sold our house and moved to live on board.
Michiel, the owner is fantastic in helping us to get to know Zenitude. When the transaction is over he leaves to go back home in Europe, leaving us a spotless boat in perfect conditions with all gear included.  There is only a little detail, we have no idea how to sail her, or how to sail any other sailboat for that matter.
Everything goes well during the survey and Zenitude is ready to change hands.
April 2006
Our friend John, a real sailor
Michiel, Oscar and the surveyor
Zenitude, waiting for the survey
Marigot Bay, where all started ....