Blue Water Dreaming
Isla Tortuga - The end of hurricane season, the start of Venezuela's islands hoping
Playa Caldera (Punta Delgada)  21 October 2008 - (10.57.9N-65.13.8W)
A beautiful beach, our first stop after leaving Puerto La Cruz, where we've been for the past 4 months waiting for the end of hurricane season. We arrived together with Beduina, they've been here before and were looking forward to spending time in this quiet place again. 

From this beach it is possible to cross to the other side by foot. We did so and found another beautiful beach and a lagoon enclosed by reef. Beyond the reef you can see the open seas.

When the sun came down the mosquitoes came in the thousands, one night here was enough, we left next day to the next anchorage in this island.
Cayo Herradura 22 to 26 October - (10.59.1N - 65.23.4W)
Playa Caldera, with the crew from Beduina and Migo
Very nice place, there are lots of boats here at anchor. Tortuguita arrived, we are happy to see our friends again and looking forward to travel together. We havenít seen them since Grenada last April.

We went to spend a day in Las Tortuguillas with Tortuguita. It is a small island, uninhabited with good snorkeling and a beautiful beach. Dave and Oscar went diving in the reef and Oscar caught a very big lobster. We tried to go for a walk but the mosquitoes had taken over the beach and we had to go under the water to get away. Oh, well, nothing is perfect.

We are back on Cayo Herradura for a good night of sleep as Las Tortuguillas is not a safe night anchorage. After almost a week around here we are ready to leave towards Los Roques.
Tortuguillas - The big lobster