Blue Water Dreaming
Orpheus Island - Giant clams and a full moon eclipse
This time we came back to Orpheus armed with the right stingers protection gear. We've been recommended not to miss this place and we were not disappointed, it is an outstanding bay, with a nice little beach that you can’t reach at low tide as there is a large fringing reef all along the coast.

On the next high tide we hoped on the dinghy and went to visit this nice little beach. To our surprise we found the warnings not only about stingers (no surprise) but crocs too! There are mangroves on one side of the island and that might appeal to these salty creatures. Neither of them was on sight.

It was hard to take this threads seriously in this magnificent day.
The beach has a camping area and a track which gets you up to the other side of the island with fantastic views. Nobody was there as we climbed to check it out.
We bought Stingers protection but what about Crocs?
Little Pioneer Bay - 7 to 11 October 2014
Not far, on the next bay is where James Cook University Research Station is. It’s just a dinghy ride away and we decided to go and check it out.
The manager from the station gave us a great welcome and a tour of their station which provides facilities to the university students to work on their research projects.

They provide accommodation as well. We also met a girl currently working on a project to find out more about a decease affecting some of the reef. All quite interesting.
Gaint Clams - A low tide experience
At the research centre, they told us to come back next day at low tide. With the full moon spring tides, the low tide is indeed VERY low and you can walk around the reef to see the giant clams out of the water, spitting water when you touch them. 
We did as we were told and came back next day. Apart from the amazing clams we saw lots of rays and small sharks quietly swimming in very shallow waters, as we stood very still for a while letting them approach quite close to us.

We were not able to do much about the ‘click’ noise of the camera that scared them away in a big rush.
A Full Moon Eclispe - A Magical Moment
That night was a full moon night and a full moon eclipse as well.

The night was incredible calm and clear as we witnessed the full moon eclipse just on top of the island hills.

As the eclipse completes, the moon turns red, just a magical evening.
The moon turns red
Finally we decided Palm Isles was as far north as we could go this season. Visiting Cairns, Lizard and the reef around there would have to wait for next season as it was time to start heading south.