Blue Water Dreaming
Panama City - Hectic Times
Playita - 05 April to 12 April 2010 (08.54.34-79.31.43)
What a rolly anchorage, the alternative of moorings in the yacht club, which were all taken when we checked, actually seemed rollier and bumpier. There is another anchorage around the corner, Brisas, we didn’t try it, looking from land it seems less  bumpy. Panama City is very polluted. It’s impossible to keep the boat clean and we don’t even want to look at our water line.  Definitely this is not a place to hang out for a long time. 
We want to leave as soon as we can, so we are trying to finish our endless list of tasks. Every cruiser knows this, for every task on your list that you try to finish you end up adding two more. It doesn’t help that any part you need for your boat you will not find in Panama, it has to be shipped, it will never get there as promised, and you will end up frustrated and having to compromise. Among other things we gave up on a new wind generator and a new windlass.
We’ve done most of the provisioning in Colon while in Shelter Bay. Here, in Panama City we discovered that the taxi driver we hired has one of those cards that allows buying bulk quantities, a bit late for us but we decided to top up a bit more on things like paper towels, beer, coke, wine and of course toilet paper. Surely we have enough to get us to Tahiti, probably all the way to Australia. Storing the stuff is another issue and I was by now trying to stop this buying frenzy.     

We can hear in the net that there is no wind on route to Galapagos, whoever is underway is motoring non stop, but forecasts are promising some  winds later on the week. In the meantime we buy the fuel, top up water reserves and perishables and we consider ourselves as ready as we’ll ever be. We decided we’ll go to Las Perlas to wait for the window in a nicer place.

It is already the 11 of April and we are leaving tomorrow.