Blue Water Dreaming
Sydney - Plans for Offshore Sailing
Making plans and getting ready - January to March 2013
We are targeting to depart end of March towards Opua, New Zealand, spend sometime in Bay of Islands and then join a rally to Tonga. Spend about 2 months around Tonga, then Vanuatu, New Caledonia and back to Queensland. There is no Port to Port rally this year to Bundaberg, so most probably we'll sail back to Brisbane instead. Oh well, that is plan A.

Plan B is less demanding as it skips New Zealand and Tonga. Departing middle of April, plan B is to sail to Lord Howe Island, spend there a couple of weeks and then go to New Caledonia, Vanuatu and back to Queensland.
We've set up again our sailmail account, replaced the grounding copper tape where damaged, tested the Pactor and the SSB, received SSB weather reports.  All seems to be working.

And the list goes on. Shopping and storing is one of the last things we are doing, same with re-fueling and keeping extra fuel in jugs. It seems that the Tasman Sea is either strong winds days or no wind at all, so we are prepared for a lot of motoring.
At the multi-hull dock - Rozelle
Among other things we have now a new set of batteries, new led lights all over and the inverter working as it should, no more energy complains. At least for now.
The weather got better in March, as usual, with many nice summer days. Our priority is getting Zenitude ready, but an enjoyable day with friends is a good way to relax, at least for a little while.
A day out with friends
Storing stuff, will it ever get organized?
Before the fun starts we have many things to do. Zenitude now is moored at the Multi-hull marina in Rozelle where we have better access to come and go while moving all our staff back from the apartment. It's work, work, work and then more work. We take a break and have a fun day with friends coming on board for a lunch at Castle Rock, a beautiful sunny Sunday.
As incredible as it feels Zenitude is almost ready to go and end of March is approaching fast