Blue Water Dreaming
From Cape to Cape - Reaching Magnetic Island
From Cape Gloucester to Cape Upstart - 10 May 2015
By leaving Cape Gloucester we were also leaving the Whitsundays region behind.

We decided it was time to start our way to Magnetic Island in the Townsville area as the weather had been very mild since we left Mackay and that was about to change before the end of the week.

There was still time to take it easy and stop along the way without the need for an overnight sail. 
Our first stop was Cape Upstart about 48 miles in a North West course from Cape Gloucester.

Having left at sunrise we arrived midafternoon after a very nice day at sea which included lots of motoring as the wind died no long after we left.

This is the first time we stop here and what an outstanding stop this is.
About to round Cape Upstart
At anchor in Cape Upstart
From Cape Upstart to Cape Bowling Green - 11 May 2015
We repeated the same things we did last year here, anchoring in the exact same spot, dinghy down on the water and off we went to the expanse beach, had a nice walk and admired the sea life jumping all over, especially the little rays and the big fishes. The only misfortune, Oscarís fishing rode had broken, so we couldn't get dinner this time around. 
Another day waking up with the sunrise and we left Cape Upstart at first light for the 40 miles trip to Cape Bowling Green. It was another fantastic day, not a cloud in the sky but also not  a drop of wind so the option was to relax and let the engines do the work, which they did taking us there by 1:30 PM.  
Later on another sailboat entered the bay (with a nice encouraging name: The Good News) and kept going towards another anchorage marked in our Lucas guide. It takes you well inside the bay and is an extra 5 miles to get there. It may be a lot less rol in that end. Considering that Cape Bowling Green is known as Cape Rolling Green among cruisers, this might be a good alternative depending on conditions. We had a bit of rolling at high tide but it was in general very calm and comfortable.
Continuing our trip north the weather pattern continued,  every day calmer that the previous day.

This was our last leg before arriving at the marina in Magnetic Island and our last opportunity to relax before starting to work on our boat projects that could not be ignored any longer. This is normal while being docked at a marina, always boat work on the waiting list. 

We left the anchorage in Cape Bowling Green even earlier this time for the 30 miles leg and before noon we were docked in beautiful Nelly Bay marina.

We arrived in Magnetic Island planning to stay for at least a couple of months as we have a land trip around east Asia coming up.
From Cape Bowling Green to Magnetic Island - 12 May 2015
Zenitude in Nelly Bay Marina
Zenitude at anchor in Bowling Green Bay
Zeni at the bay beach
Cape Bowling Green, a lengthy headland that ends with a long low sandpit. It is a short walk between the beach inside the bay and the beach out in the open seas.

The flat seas made it possible to test the waters in this ocean beach, which looks definitely quite different in a windy day.
Beach at the open seas side
The long untouched beach