Blue Water Dreaming
At Sea - Marquesas to Tuamotus - Towards the largest chain of atolls
Passage - 27 to 31 May 2010
27/05 - (09.48.15S-139.01.88W)
Leaving Hiva Oa early afternoon we had about 550 miles to go and wanted to make sure we had many hours of daylight to enter whatever atoll we decided to go to.

Our arrival choices where Fakarava or Toau. The latest having the advantage of an easy entry at any daylight time with no need to consider tidal hours.

Fakarava is the destination for Murray so we’ll need to get there at least on June 2nd as Murray is flying out on the 3rd. Fakarava has 2 entries the North and South channels, both entries subject to tidal hours. We are going to make this decision sometime during the trip.

There seems to be a good window and many cruisers have left already or are leaving soon. Many are stopping along the way in other places in Marquesas but we don’t want to jeopardize Murray's  plans and want to give him a chance to see Tuamotus.
31/05 - (15.48.16S-146.09.12W) - 140 miles on day 4
We finally arrived at Anse Amyot. There is a range to get in the bay, it is really easy to get in even with the 23 kn of wind.

A guy came in a little boat to greet us, his name is Gaston. He offered one of the moorings, no charge he says. If we have dinner once in the restaurant, we can then stay as long as we wish.

It is a good deal, it is a fantastic place. The anchorage is exposed to the wind, as in any atoll, but there is no swell.
From the beauty of the high mountains in Marquesas where it is possible to hide from the wind to the beauty of the atolls and coral reefs in Tuamotus where it is no possible to hide from the wind. You have to carefully follow up the weather forecast while inside a lagoon in the Tuamotus. Just 5 days (550 miles) apart.
28/05 - (11.01.13S-140.24.93W) - 114 miles since we left
We are now sailing well with good angle winds, making 6.5 to 7 knots. Winds about 18-20 from NE

29/05 - (12.35.00S-142.14.00W) - 140 miles on day 2
Good sailing day with E winds at 12 to 15 kn but at night it started to get nasty with lots of squalls.

30/05 - (14.18.00S-144.18.00) - 159 miles on day 3
Strong winds, ENE 20-25 kn. Many squalls with winds up to 30 knots. We tried  first reef, then changed to second reef and 30 % genoa, finally we removed the genoa to slow down as the seas were very bumpy and confused.

We’ve decided to go to Anse Amyot in Toau as we are making good progress and will arrive tomorrow early morning. People that was there tell us the entry is easy in any weather at any time. There are moorings and some space to anchor if all moorings are taken