21/09 - (13.50.00S-171.46.00W)
We left Apia with calm seas and a nice 15 to 20 knots wind from the east. This time we left in the morning and crossed the Apolima Strait with good light.

23/09 - (13.37.67S-173.57.75W)
Good weather continues with seas at just 1.5 m and winds between 10 and 15 knots. We did 147 miles in 27 hours during day 1.

24/09 - (14.01.42S-176.16.53W)
The wind increased to 20 to 23 knots and the seas are now at 2.5 m and we are sailing well towards Futuna. We did 137 miles and we have about 100 more miles to go, we think we'll get there tomorrow after sunrise.

25/09 - (14.17.69S-178.09.64W)
We arrived in Futuna early morning with 20 kn winds from the East.We tried anchoring in the recommended anchorage (South Pacific Anchorages) in the Alofi side just across Alofilai but we did not like it.  It seemed to be exposed to the wind.  

On the west side of Futuna, between Nuku and Leava there is another anchorage. There is a ferry dock. The anchorage is not very big but there was nobody else there so we found good holding and protection from ESE winds. The tides are strong and most of the area around us was exposed and looked muddy when the tides were low. 
Blue Water Dreaming
Western Samoa to Fiji - A stop at Futuna - Stepping into Eastern Hemisphere
At Sea - Passage Apia to Futuna - 21 to 25 September 2010 - Dateline Crossing (22 of September disappeared)
Futuna - Remote and Isolated - 25 to 26 September
We were transiting the passage between Futuna and Alofi, trying to find suitable anchorage when we were contacted in the VHF by a French speaking voice.

We thought it might be the authorities for us to check in, but he wasn't.

As soon as Oscar explained we didn't speak French he turned to English and welcome us to his island.

As it happened, he was just a guy having breakfast who saw us thru his window. For him, the natural thing to do was to welcome us.

Well, we thought, probably not many visitors
arrive to Futuna.
At Sea - Passage Futuna to Fiji- 26 to 28 September 2010
26/09 - (14.17.69S-178.09.64W)

We departed Futuna around noon with good weather and winds about 15 kn. We were sailing at an uncomfortable angle  pounding against the swell. The angle from Futuna to Fiji is SSW at 205 degrees, and that is from where the seas were coming. 

27/09 - (16.37.70S-179.16.13W)

Conditions remain the same and we made 153 miles the first day. Winds increased a bit to 18 kn and we are sailing well, still pounding against the swell. We are about to cross the line that separates the West from the East Hemisphere, so officially we are stepping into the East.
Zenitude stepping into the East Hemisphere
28/09 - (16.46.66S-179.19.87E)
We arrived in Savusavu Fiji early in the morning. Fiji is a big country with two main islands and there are several ports of entry. We have chosen Savusavu in the South Coast of Vanua Levu Island. Fiji has a complicated entry process and the say among cruisers is that some ports are 'easy' and others are more complicated. Savusavu, was closer in our route and was considered an easy port of entry.

There are moorings available in Savusavu, we picked one of them and we happened to be next to Liquid Courage that had left Suwarrow at the same time as we did but had gone to American Samoa instead.

Arriving to Fiji feels like another big milestone. We are getting closer to home.
We can't tell much about this island. We anchored in an area that didn't look too attractive. I guess we were tired and lazy and did not have the spirit to put the engine in the dinghy to go exploring.

There didn't seem to be a place for landing with the dinghy, but we'll never know because we didn't try. It was a good place for resting. We had a good night of sleep and next day we left towards Fiji.

We did not find any other vessel in the area. It seems that a day or two after we left one of the boats that had left with us from Samoa, had stopped in Willis and did stop here as well.