Blue Water Dreaming
Martinique - Veronica and Andrew join Zenitude
Arriving in Martinique after an overnight sail from Grenada we dropped anchor in Fort de France to take care of entry procedures. The anchorage was rolly and quite deep and we didn't want to stay overnight there. The dinghy dock didn't look very appealing either, so to save some stress to our dinghy I just dropped Oscar in town. 
Fort-de-France is essentially an administrative town, it gathers today more than one third of the island’s population, having replaced the heritage of Saint-Pierre which was wiped out by Mont-Pelé eruption in 1902. In the  downtown area, the Spices Market, is the largest market of the island. There you will find an accumulation of bags and containers with  spices of any kind, peppers, rums, vanilla and much more, there are also stalls charged with fruits and vegetables.
We decided to cross to the south part of the bay and anchor in beautiful Anse Mitan where there is a peaceful and quiet anchorage.  We think we can always come to town with the ferry that crosses the wide Fort de France Bay.
In Anse Mitan we meet again with Beduina and Cavalo Marino. We go out a day sailing with Hugo, Gislayne and Talita. Hugo, being an expert sailor with lots of catamaran experience taught us a series of tricks and helped us improve our sails set up. With him we solved our problem with the preventer set up that is now working like a dream.  We are forever grateful for that.
Gislaine, Talita and Hugo from Beduina
Fort the France
While we enjoy charming Martinique we are waiting for Veronica and Andrew to arrive. They will spend a couple of weeks with us and we are planning to sail the Grenadines that we haven't visit yet.
On 19 of May Veronica and Andrew arrive in Martinique
We stayed at Anse Mitan to receive Veronica and Andrew and the first night is dinner at the marina while we make plans for the following days.
Anse Mitan dinghy dock and marina restaurant
Next day we spend a very nice day in Anse Noir but at the end of the day decide to go back to Anse Mitan that looks better for a night anchorage. We anchor off  Les Trois Illet, another beautiful spot.
Fort de France - 12 May 2007 - (14.35.9N-61.04.1W)
Anse Mitan - 12 to 21 May 2007
Anse D'Arlet - 22 May 2007 - (14.30.3N-61.05.4W)
Our next stop is Anse D'Arlet. The weather is settled and tomorrow we'll leave Martinique towards St. Lucia. The kids had a chance to rest and relax from their long trip and enjoyed a bit of swimming and snorkelling.