Blue Water Dreaming
St. Lucia - Down the west coast with Veronica and Andrew
Rodney Bay -  23 May 2007 - (14.04.5N-60.57.4W)
It is a short sail from Anse D'Arlet to the north tip of St Lucia so we left at around 10.00 in the morning with ESE winds at 18 to 22 knots and an uncomfortable wind chop. It was hard to set sails and keep course as we were getting the wind at an angle of 50 degrees. We ended up sailing a course at 60 degrees doing 5 to 6 knots, having to motor the last part of the trip to get in Rodney Bay where we arrived early afternoon.
Raising the main sail with help from our new crew
Our first stop was Rodney Bay where we checked in. We found that it was possible to go with the dinghy quite near the big supermarket but we needed somebody to mind the dinghy. We left Andrew in charge while we went food shopping, he was not very impressed with this kind of job.
Minding the dinghy .....
After spending the night at Rodney Bay we left towards the Pitons.

St Lucia is an island volcanic in origin and it is dominated by dense jungle and a central ridge of forested mountains with spectacular scenery.  The Pitons, rising 2,000 feet directly up from the coral reef sea beds are an impressive sigth.
As soon as we approached a buoy boy, as they are called, came in his little wooden boat to show us the way to a mooring buoy. It is not possible to anchor here and for a small fee we were secured to a mooring.
Soufriere and the Pitons - 24 to 25 May 2007
The two towering volcanic cones, known as Gros Piton and Petit Piton, remain navigational aides for mariners, and are regarded as one of the Caribbean's most famous landmarks.
From  the town of Sufriere a short mini-bus ride took us to the volcanic crater. We were told this is the world's only drive in crater.  It is famous for the natural sulphur springs, rainforest and waterfalls. After visiting the crater we enjoy a long hot bath.
It is hot, hot, hot!
At Soufriere Bay the water is crystal clear and there is lots of colorful fish that can be seen from deck. Veronica and Andrew enjoy the snorkelling just off Zenitude, while Oscar and I take the dinghy to a beach across the bay in search of a trail to take us to Petit Piton.   

We are told there is a restaurant with a guide that can show us the trail.

After wondering around for a while in a very sleepy looking place we find him. He promises to take us to Petit Piton and the Diamond Falls. The only problem is that we go as far as the first pub. There he stays very content with a glass of rum.

At that point we thought we'll have more chance to find the place if we just leave him there. Up the trail we go and finally find the entrance to the Diamond Falls. There is a guy there to sell tickets to get access to the falls. This guy doesn't have a glass of rum but the smell tells us he is smoking pot instead. Oh well, some people in St. Lucia don't seem to take their jobs very seriously.  
The 'guide' shows the way to Petit Piton
All that fish ....
After a very nice hot bath in the Diamond Falls with plenty of water we return. In our way back we find many mango trees and come back to Zenitude with a bag full on mangoes.

Time to leave The Pitons behind and look for new excitements.
It's a beautiful day and with calm seas we truly enjoy lunch underway.

Trying to find a good kitesurfing beach we decide to stop at Vieux Fort in the south tip of St Lucia before continuing our way towards Grenadines. 
At the south end of St. Lucia we anchor in this very quiet bay. Our neighbours in a catamaran try to go ashore in their dinghy and three times their dinghy engine stops and every time our dinghy goes in their rescue. Finally they get it going becoming forever grateful with our rescue attempts.
Vieux Fort - 25 May 2007
After loading kite surfing gear in the dinghy, Andrew, Veronica and Oscar go on their way to Anse de Sables which is the next bay on the east side of the island. The cruising guide recommends this bay as a good spot for kite surfing.

Loaded with kite surfing gear, neighbours in the background 
They first find a little airport, a fishing community and not much else. Finally they take a taxi to Anse de Sables. When they get there they discover that good wind for kite surfing are found in the early mornings, which is unfortunate because nobody is planning for a sunrise wake up.
Lunch underway
By the end of the day we raise anchor for an overnight trip to our next destination, Bequia, port of entry for The Grenadines.