Blue Water Dreaming
St. Vincent - Farewell to Veronica and Andrew
It's just 10 miles from Bequia to St. Vincent and we sailed them fast in strong  20 to 25 knots NE wind. It was a squally day and sure enough one of those squalls with very heavy rain got to us. 
We arrived to Blue Lagoon anchorage and to our pleasant surprise a guy we met in Maryeau that has his catamaran in charter here was waiting for us with a mooring buoy. This area is home to Sunsail charters.
Blue Lagoon - 2 to 5 June 2007
Veronica enjoys a free shower
From our anchorage we can see beautiful houses hidden in a lush forest. St. Vincent receives plenty of rain with its mountainous terrain and everything is very green. There is an inviting beach but we have work to do. We need to go ashore and find out how to get to the airport as Veronica and Andrew are leaving tomorrow.

Blue Lagoon is on the south coast not far from  the small capital Kingstown and the local airport. 
Going ashore for a walk we find it's a short distance to the airport. Back to the dinghy dock we discover that little Zeni has been punctured and all of the sudden we no longer have a working dinghy. Definitely this is not a dinghy friendly dock.

After a bit of panic thoughts about how on earth we are going to take our guests and all their bags ashore tomorrow we find out there is a water taxi service, after all, this is home for Sunsail chartering business. But today on the docks we find our friends that are at anchor not far away from us and they take us towing our little deflated Zeni. 
Blue Lagoon Anchorage
Zeni, our dinghy in distress
How much longer to dry?
Will blowing help?
Didn't think so ....
We spend a quiet evening on board while Andrew makes his last attempts to a new discovered sport, fishing from deck.
Next day, while the sun sets, a plane takes Veronica and Andrew to Trinidad and from there to Florida, their next vacation stop. Sadly we say good bye to them. Zenitude, suddenly quiet and empty, awaits for new adventures to come.
Isn't there any fish?
And they fly away .....